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July 2024

This past month saw health-tech client Oqea share their message across national and West Australian media outlets after holding a successful media conference. Oqea have built an online digital platform designed to help users access evidence-based mental heath resources. Their platform was featured in a broader story about what can be a lengthy ADHD diagnosis process, which was picked up by Ch 7, Ch 9, Ch10, 6PR, ABC and The West Australian.


Regular Wins and Value-Adds From the World of PR and Communications

What would you say if I told you that running a marathon and implementing a successful PR strategy are very similar achievements? How so, you might ask? Both require you to put in the work over time, build on smaller results, and most importantly, to trust the process.

Hi! This is Drew’s Letter, a monthly summary of interesting reads, PR advice and recommendations from the mind of our Strategic Communications Director Andrew Williams.

It’s been a massive month for our clients sharing their knowledge, expertise and opinions with the media. From new superfoods to coffee cup regulation to the energy industry, they’re leading the way when it comes to the important issues affecting both their industries and our everyday lives.

Do you know you should be posting on social media but can’t find the time? It’s a common problem, particularly for time-poor business owners. That’s where it’s helpful to have some evergreen ideas, or templates, that you can lean on to help you stay consistent with your social media content.

This month, Stefan Mazy from DermR Health Solutions joined the team from Sunrise to talk about his world-first, non-invasive device which can pre-screen for cancer - and potentially reduce Australia's health spend by millions.

Over the Christmas break this year, we curated 60 pieces of coverage across our clients, all in a matter of weeks. While some businesses take leave, we can’t resist the media opportunities that occur during the break!


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