Medtech not getting the attention it deserves

My biggest takeaways from AusMedTech 2024

There are a lot of great ideas!
There really are a lot of cutting-edge, amazing breakthroughs happening in labs and universities across Australia, addressing everything from endometriosis diagnosis, heart disease, infertility issues and more. The level of detail and effort to which people go to develop ideas that can revolutionise health care and save peoples’ lives always amazes me. The conference was full of great stories waiting to be told.

The issues we face in Australia are the same issues global companies face
We’re really no different when it comes to getting start-ups off the ground, finding investors, getting government support and connecting with the market. All of those issues are faced globally, not just in Australia. There needs to be greater collaboration within and outside Australia, so that companies can overcome these common hurdles.

Some of our stories in the media this month:

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