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EES Shipping Managing Director Brian Hack has become an established go-to media expert for shipping, logistics and supply-chain related issues over a number of years, with repeat media appearances across television, print, radio and online outlets. Profile Media’s regular media outreach has seen Brian’s expert commentary and industry knowledge featured in a wide variety of publications, including repeat appearances in the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The West Australian, ABC and Radio 6PR among others, and requests to appear on Sunrise and the Today Show.

Profile Media also assists with the development of organic content across EES Shipping’s social media channels, providing valuable and thought-provoking information to clients, stakeholders and the general public, which also aligns with the overall media strategy.


"It’s actually given our clients a lot more respect of our position..."
The fact that we’ve been on radio stations repeatedly as market leaders, it’s actually given our clients a lot more respect of our position and from that our clients have really stuck with us and trust that we’re doing the best for them.
Brian Hack, EES Shipping


Within this 18 month period EES had fantastic media success, including:

4 appearances in the Australian Financial Review in 18 months

4 TV Pieces

35+ Radio Pieces

25+ Online Articles

16 Print Articles

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