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Bullseye Clinic

The successful rebrand and launch of the Bullseye Optometry and Sensory Clinic was able to secure significant media coverage, thanks to the expertise of Profile Media.

Our lived experience of Perth media meant we were able to organise a newsworthy media conference that was of interest to the three commercial TV stations in Perth – 7, 9 & 10 – with the launch of the clinic featured in a total of four TV news bulletins that day.

The clinic’s launch was also featured on Radio 6PR and ABC Perth as well as the local Melville Gazette, which put the business in front of target audiences.

Key to the success of the clinic launch was highlighting the benefits of the clinic to the Perth community – providing a much-needed optometry and therapy service – rather than simply focusing on the opening. The Profile Media team was able to communicate that message to the media, resulting in excellent coverage across all three mediums of TV, radio, and print.


We successfully launched Bullseye’s new clinic and generated ongoing media, including:

A clinic launch media conference that drew in Ch 7, 9 & 10

A regular spot on 6PR for Dr Darrell Baker

Numerous other pieces in TV, Radio and Print

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