6 Evergreen Social Media Concepts To Help You Post Consistently

By Joe Ormsby, Marketing Co-ordinator at Profile Media

Do you know you should be posting on social media but can’t find the time? It’s a common problem, particularly for time-poor business owners. That’s where it’s helpful to have some evergreen ideas, or templates, that you can lean on to help you stay consistent with your social media content.

1. Business Updates

The core stuff – the news! Business updates keep your audience in the loop and highlight your successes.

However, in the cut and thrust of daily activity, it can be easy to forget to post them at all. That’s where planning helps – having a session to work out what milestones and events are coming up, and writing the posts in advance. Then all you should have to do is press ‘send’.

Consult your team and ask them what achievements have been important to them in recent times – if it matters to them, it will probably matter to your audience.

2. Educational Posts

There’s probably a lot you know that your audience doesn’t. Share your expertise and insight with them via educational posts.

Ask a person completely outside your industry what they’re interested in about what you do. That will give you a great insight into what the broader audience finds compelling.

Perhaps its advice you regularly give to clients, or little-known facts about your sector – it’s all great fodder for social media, and can be written well in advance.

3. Sharing News Articles

The media is full of interesting stories every day, and many of those your audience might not be aware of.

You can provide a service by sharing – and possibly adding your own commentary and perspective to – those news stories and articles with your audience.

Beyond keeping your audience informed, a few paragraphs of commentary all you need to show that you’re on top of current events and talking points within (and outside!) your sector – possibly positioning you as a thought leader in the space.

4. Special Days

Before you start a social media plan, take a look at your calendar; are there any significant days coming up?

These could be work anniversaries, public holidays, or awareness days (such as RUOK? Day or International Women’s Day).

Use these to celebrate your work, let your followers know if you’re going to be out of office or demonstrate your business values.

Just be aware that using too many awareness day posts can appear disingenuous, so as a rule of thumb only post about these if you have a genuine connection to the message.

5. Introduce the Team

Your team do amazing work, so why not celebrate them?!

A short post introducing staff can be a great way to humanise your social media presence.

We like to send staff a small survey asking questions such as, “what’s your proudest work achievement?” and “what do you do outside of work?”

Then we rework the answers into a post, take a nice photo and voila – the perfect social media content.

6. Share Publicity

Sharing publicity on your social media is the perfect way to extend the value of any media stories you’ve generated as part of your public relations and communications activities.

Now there’s a permanent record of your expertise helping to boost credibility and establish you as an industry leader.

Being in the media grants you an instant level of credibility that draws attention and potential partners and customers to your brand.

Oh! And if you’re really stuck on what to post, you could always share this blog. 😉

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