Why Work-From-Home is Not a Trend, But The Way of The Future

Flexible and adaptable are the buzz words right now, but if companies are serious about retaining experienced, talented employees, then these words need to become values, and ingrained in workplace culture.

Working from home is not a trend, it’s the way of the future.

The pandemic tipped the global workforce on its head, as millions of employees were forced to work from the safety of their homes.

As we begin to navigate the post-pandemic world, and return to some kind of normalcy, it remains to be seen whether the idea of working from home will form part of the new-look office structure.

Here in Australia at least, companies advertising vacancies are frequently using ‘flexible working arrangements’ as an incentive to secure staff in a tight market. But I question whether this will continue when there is again a steady stream of available staff.

What started as a way to keep people safe from a deadly virus now needs to be considered as a viable, and necessary part of working life.

Here at Profile Media, we were ahead of the game, with our entire team working remotely since the foundation of the business.

It not only means that we were well placed to weather the storm of the pandemic, but more than that, we’ve been working from home for long enough to tell you it’s successful.

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