Why You Should Invest In Media Training

While media training might have once been viewed as ‘what not to do’ if a business was in the media for the wrong reasons, these days being a trusted and sought-after source for the media can be a part of a successful business strategy.

The pandemic has normalised doing media interviews over Zoom so the barriers to being an expert media commentator in your field have decreased dramatically. It’s also highlighted how unpredictable being in business can be, so being media trained is an excellent way to both staying proactive about media opportunities, but also managing a potential crisis.

Media training is a surefire way to build on your goals as a business owner and start to expand your credentials beyond your current market.

It’s also worth considering that corporate media training in Perth is a way to take what could seem like a daunting task, and make it feel not just manageable, but comfortable and relying on experts for media advice can help you identify and achieve a number of goals across your business.

WA’s Individualised Services (WAiS)

WA’s Individualised Services (WAiS)
Image source: WA’s Individualised Services Inc. /Facebook

For example, WA’s Individualised Services (WAiS) is a capacity-building organisation working with the disability sector. When they employed Profile Media for corporate media training in Perth they hadn’t yet distilled their overall goals beyond improving their advocacy work for people living with a disability.

Like many businesses, the team were anxious about having a lack of experience within the media. The team was comfortable with public speaking generally, but when it came to a recording or holding a microphone they were understandably a little nervier.

The corporate media training team at Profile Media was able to run media training sessions with WAiS, as well as a series of phone interviews to not only expose the team to real-world media scenarios and build their confidence in these situations but also to explore their own key messages.

The Wais team is now executing confident interviews with media across a range of programs including SKY News and ABC Radio employing techniques like speaking honestly and conversationally which they’ve learned through their corporate media training in Perth with Profile Media.

Ultimately WAiS’ commitment to exploring media training has allowed the team to crystallize it’s messaging for a mass audience, better define and communicate who they are and what they do, and advocate on behalf of people with a disability in the media more effectively.

Maureen Kyne – HR Expert and Workplace Consultant

Maureen Kyne - HR Expert & Workplace Consultant

Workplace consultant and HR expert Maureen Kyne engaged with Profile Media with a clear vision of raising her profile as an HR consultant. Through specific and targeted media training and advice with Profile Media, Maureen has been successful in building her reputation as the go-to voice for the media on all things workplace culture-related.

She has been featured on A Current Affair about the dangers of online Christmas parties, speaking to millions of Australians about her business and key advice.

By relying on the Profile Media team for media training advice Maureen has secured coverage on radio across Australia, national mastheads, including the AFR and the Australian, and achieved comprehensive publicity across public service, manufacturing, HR and legal publications and CEO Magazine.

As much as we’d all like to run a worry-free business, crisis management is something that cannot afford to be filed into the ‘too little, too late’ category. We’ve all learned to be resilient during the pandemic and there are countless examples in the media about businesses who didn’t do their crisis management media training beforehand.

By engaging a media training team, you can expect to audit your business through issues management and crisis communications workshops where you can learn how to identify, and crucially nullify potential issues facing your business.

The media training team in Perth at Profile Media is also skilled in creating issues management plans that will become your go-to resource in the time of a crisis. Having such a plan offers peace of mind that a well thought out process can be easily followed, avoiding panic and poor decision-making when the pressure is on.

In short, there’s too much at stake to leave media training out of your plan for success.